You’ve tried it all.

Living Lite Participant:  “Dieting is like lighting your hair on fire and trying to put it out with a frying pan! Thanks to Living Lite I no longer have those headaches.”

You’ve tried it all:

You’ve consumed enough diet shakes to float a bus.

You’ve counted calories until you dream in numbers.

You’ve swallowed the pre-measured, pre-packaged, pre-cooked, pre-chewed food until you puked (oh, yeah, that’s another “diet” you may have tried!).   

What if. . .

You could lose weight easily without tearing apart your life and schedule?

You don’t need to give up all your favorite foods?

You don’t dread exercise any more?

You don’t beat yourself up over previous failed attempts?

Sound impossible or scammy, like a late night cheesy infomercial?

It’s totally possible, starting right now, with a scientifically proven technique.

Hypnosis can help you get around all the obstacles that have blocked you in the past.

Safely. Quickly. And it’s nearly effortless.

And–wait for it–the 3 hour classes that we’ve taught for over a decade with amazing results for our students, ARE BACK! We all took a Covid Break and break time is over.

If you have been battling your weight for years or want to lose your Covid Weight, we can help. Classes are now scheduled for Everett and Bellevue, WA.  Details may be found here.




Call/text Katie at 206-841-4876 or


for more information.

Think about all the fun you’ll have when you’re not thinking food, your body and losing weight all the time.

Your challenge then may be: “What will I think about now that I’ve freed up all that brain power?”


Testimonial from a Living Lite Telephone Support Client:

“Katie is magic!  She is super talented and genius in her ability to hone in on what works.  Love her unique gifts with both coaching and hypnosis!!  She helped me find my way back to naturally thin again.  Wow.

I’ve been naturally thin most of my life until 50.  After 50 I found myself having to diet and couldn’t figure out how to get back to my naturally thin way of being.  With her brilliant coaching and wonderful hypnosis, Katie helped me rediscover my joy of eating and all my naturally thin secrets.

Katie is the best secret of all!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me, Katie.”

Sincerely,  Kris, Florida