Now You Can Get the Tools to Lose the Weight You Want in Just 3 Hours!

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Who says losing weight must be difficult/impossible/and/or take a long time?  With hypnosis, some of your habits will virtually change themselves!  In just 3 short hours, you will learn to–and want to:
  • Eat less
  • Eat healthier
  • Move your body more and
  • Feel your feelings instead of eat them.
This is a stand-alone class:  You don’t need to buy anything else to succeed in your weight loss.  In fact, you will save money, not buying as much food as you used to!
What you will receive:
  • Four hypnosis sessions during the class to lock in the new habits and behaviors to live healthier effortlessly.
  • A Stress Reduction MP3.  Stress is the most common emotion we eat about.  Reducing your stress will easily reduce your food intake.  This recording retails for $27.00
  • Introductions to products you can buy at the supermarket that will help you eat 20-40% fewer calories easily. 
  • The one word that will help you want to exercise consistently.
  • The ability to drop into a deeply relaxed state quickly whenever you want.
  • And so much more!  It’s fun, relaxing and life-changing.
Living Lite students have paid thousands of dollars in the past for this information, but the times are changing!  We no longer have much time to focus on weight loss.  So we condensed the classes!  You still get the same powerful tools in less time–and much less money. 
You will receive all the above and more for only $49–and you can bring a friend for just $79 for 2!
Classes are currently being scheduled in Bellevue, WA.


Join us Saturday, October 8, 9:30 am-12:30 pm                       North Bellevue Community Center                                              4063 148th NE
Bellevue, WA 

Simply register for your  class  here.  As soon as you do, you will receive your Stress Reduction recording.  Please listen to it several times if possible before your class because the more often you are hypnotized, the quicker you can begin losing the weight you want. 
Seating is LIMITED, so register right away.


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