Let’s Get Ready to Barbeque! New Tools to Prevent Weight Gain During the Summer

As the weather turns warmer,  barbeques and picnics become more commonplace.  Often, we are invited to these events and parties and have little or no control over what is served.

Because you will need to take that control with you, the following tools will help you, regardless of what is being served.

  • How to Eat Less Recording                                                              This tool will help you stop eating at parties and picnics–as well as overall.  This hypnosis recording will show you how to imagine that you’ve had stomach bypass surgery so that you can only eat a small amount of food.  Easy peasy!
  • How to Eliminate Sugar, Carbs and Starches Recording                   This hypnosis track will help you easily refuse these foods.  They all trigger your blood sugar with makes you want to eat more.  Want to test this?   One morning for breakfast eat a pastry and see how long it takes you to want to eat more. That’s your blood sugar talking to you. Another morning, eat protein. You will probably forget about food for several hours.
  • Stress Reduction Recording                                                          The most common emotion we eat about it stress.  Listening to this track will minimize your stress thus reducing that reason to eat.

These Recordings, sold separately, retail for $25.00 each.  $75.00.  However, because we want you to enjoy the summer without gaining weight–in fact, losing some–we have put this package together for you at significant cost savings PLUS FREE add-ons:

  1.  A cheat sheet to help you prepare for events to ensure that you will eat less and healthier.
  2. A visualization to help you create your ideal body from the inside out.
  3. Mindfulness for Weight Loss Recording to help you slow down and be more intentional about your food choices.

All added up, these recordings and other benefits would total over $120.00!

To help you stay  healthier, you may enjoy all of the recordings and cheat sheets for only $47!  This offer, which may be all you need to have the most relaxing and fittest you have been in a long time!

This price of just $47 is for a limited time.  Order by July 3, to secure this low cost and ensure that you’ll be ready for the Fourth and beyond.