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3 Hour Class Special Deal

Food for Thought

  • Are You Ready to Lose Those Extra Pounds FOR GOOD?
  • Have you lost weight using medication only to find it’s creeping back? 
  • Do you start a diet in the morning and you’re off by lunch? 
  • Do you find yourself eating unconsciously, then asking yourself, “Why am I eating, I’m not hungry?” 
  • If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, congratulations! You are in good company. About 2/3 of American adults are overweight or obese. Any while it is, thankfully, becoming more normalized, it still may be distressing to millions.

The new tools developed by Living Lite may just be able to help you create new habits that will make your relationship with food easier and healthier. 

Let’s use NEW, evidence-based tools to help you change your lifestyle. 

MindfulnessWeight Management
Hypnosis for Weight Loss Class for One


This stand-alone three-hour class is being offered to you for just $195. 

The truth is that having a seemingly uncontrollable urge to eat may be the result of many physical and emotional conditions.  As you begin to explore these conditions—and do it in a more self-compassionate way—you will discover that your behaviors around food are exactly what you’ve been set up to do. It’s not your fault; you can’t be expected to correct what you don’t know is happening.  

But wait—there’s more! 

If you bring a friend—or 2 or 3– you each pay only $150—that is $100.00 off! 

AND if you commit to taking care of yourself with this life-changing class BEFORE February, you will take an additional $25.00 off whichever option you choose.