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Patti F.

Seattle, WA

This class was great! Katie presents her material in such a relaxed and amusing way that I was never intimidated. We all sank into her soothing voice. And, no one did anything crazy or anything that they didn't want to do. I lost 35 pounds 10 years ago and have kept 25 of them off!
I have a couple of her CDs that I listen to. They help keep me on track.


Rick S.

Snohomish, WA

I attended the 3 hour class in February and have lost 50 lbs as of July. I wanted to lose weight and just couldn't get started. This class gave me the tools and boost I needed to succeed.


Erica A.

Bothell, WA

Living Lite helped me jump start my weight loss and also helped me reduce and manage my response to stress. It's been two+ years since I was in the program, but I still listen to Kate's hypnosis tapes almost every night before bed, so I can clear my mind, get a good night sleep and wake up with the right attitude. Thanks Kate!


Judy R.

Kent, WA

I was so thoroughly inspired by the Living Lite class that 17 of my friends wanted to attend the class but they were full for that month so the instructor agreed to come to my house for the class. My friends loved it also and we are now encouraging each other with our weight loss. Love the daily email positive tips, too!



Mary k.

Snohomish, WA

I really enjoyed Katie's talk, and CD's her daily e-mails of encouragement have been great. She gives so much of herself and sincerely believes that you can do it to, maybe even more than I believe in myself. She is not just hypnosis but she gives you tips on just everyday food tips. Thanks


Debbie G.

Everett, WA

Thank you Living Lite, I really enjoy your "Daily Tips" messages, they are food for thought!


Krista S.

Lynnwood, WA

My mom introduced me to Living Lite after she took a yearlong class with Katie. I attended several of the 3 hour classes that are very reasonably priced, and found that it really helped me with my weight loss struggle. Katie addresses concerns of the people attending the class, it's not just her speaking and trying to sell you things you don't need. The hypnosis isn't magic, but it really helps you get on track and stay on track. She has CD's for sale at the mini classes and they are really great, and not just for weight loss either. I have CD's for procrastination, stress and a few just for weight loss. After listening to the CD's every night and sometimes during my lunch break, I was able to drop 30 pounds. The CD's helped me want to exercise and to stay away from those foods that were always so hard to give up. I'm not to my goal yet, but with Katie's help I am on my way! Give it a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Beth R.

Seattle, WA

I was most impressed by the class taught by Katie Evans. Fantastic presenter-fun and informative. Having never been hypnotized, I was skeptical, but the post-hypnotic suggestions around drinking more water, avoiding junk food and eating proper portions really worked. The workshop also included information about how to apply the skill from that day in future situations and health tips that were useful. Definitely worth the time and money.


N J E.

Edmonds, WA

Having tried for weight loss with hypnosis (single session) in the past without much success, my expectations weren't great, but the price was right! I have been pleasantly surprised to find that this really has helped in ways that I wasn't expecting it to. I find it easier to withstand temptation, and not hate my body among other things. It's not a magic pill; I still need to do the work, but this has helped with motivation and the confidence that I can get there!


Gloria C.

Seattle, WA

I wish I could give Katie 10 stars!! Years of emotional/stress eating has continually added unwanted pounds. I was a bit skeptical when I attended a Living Lite hypnosis session. Much to my surprise - it actually works! Going to sleep at night listening to her CDs is a great reinforcement. Thank you Katie!!

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The problem with diets

If you've tried losing weight by using one of the hundreds of weight loss methods available, you know how difficult and frustrating dieting can be.

While it is true that:

You can lose weight by greatly increasing the amount of physical exercise you pursue

You can lose some weight by taking certain nutritional supplements

You can lose weight by controlling your calories and managing your meals

Most people who sincerely. or even desperately, want to lose weight have never been permanently successful with any dieting program. The reason is simple:

Dieting Doesn't Work!

If you've dieted for years, you know the powerful motivation you feel when you first start out. Your weight loss goal is clear. You are determined to achieve it, and nothing is going to stop you!

For the first few weeks, you stick to your plan - and your weight loss is exciting! You feel that this time, your weight loss will be permanent, and you will reach your goal.

But, as time goes on, your weight loss slows down and you may even gain a bit at some point. And sadly, you don't feel quite as motivated as before. High-calorie treats slip in here and there, raising your caloric intake bit by bit. You think "Well that's it, I've ruined it now," and the diet is blown out of the water.

The problem with weight-loss centers and dieting franchises, is not that their plans don't work, but rather that most people aren't willing to work the plans over an extended period of time.

The Solution

You can stay motivated to lose weight by altering your belief systems through hypnosis or neuro-linguistic programming. The bottom line to all of this is that your best success is your internal success.

The Living Lite Program

It is very important to understand at the outset that the Living Lite program is not a diet.

It is a proven program that will help you systematically adopt healthy eating and exercise habits for the rest of your life.

It is an effective approach to reversing the self defeating behaviors that led you to gain weight in the first place.

It is a leading system for strengthening your will power and determination as well as for re-shaping your self image.

Change Your Mind and Change Your Life.