110 - Releasing Your Suit of Fat
does hypnosis work?

Learn why your subconscious may feel that you need the extra layers around your body and how to convince it that you no longer do. You will also learn how to get below and stay below any weight plateaus. Side two shows how to release all limiting beliefs and behaviors and how to create positive ones in your life.






111 - Eliminate Procrastination

Learn how to stop putting things off and get your life off hold. 

This audio presentation makes it easy to accomplish what you want, on time and with less effort and stress.






112 - Contacting Your Inner Advisor

You already have the answers to your life questions. Learn how to access the wisdom of your own mind easily and with accuracy.






113 - Improving Memory and Rapid Recall
quick ways to lose weight

Your subconscious mind stores all the information you've ever learned. Learn how to retrieve information quickly, easily and accurately.






114 - Reducing Stress in Your Life
healthy weight loss

Stress harms us physically and mentally. Learn how reduce the stress in your life and avoid extreme stress. 






115 - Prosperity

An abundant life can be yours. There is enough for everybody! Now you can attract the income you desire and stop worrying about money.






116 - Relaxation for Labor & Delivery and Bonding with Your Unborn Child

A must for expectant mothers! Learn to make the birthing process easier, shorter, and more comfortable for mother and child. Also learn ways to convey your love to your baby before birth.






117 - How to Meditate

Both sides of this tape will hypnotize you and teach you how to enter a deeper level of relaxation. Deeper relaxation means you can access deeper areas your mind.






118 - Increasing Energy

Your subconscious mind is the source of all your energy. Learn how to access its powers so you can dramatically and quickly increase your energy.






120 - Mastery of Self Hypnosis

Learn the skills that will allow you to easily drop into a deep relaxed state so you can access information in your subconscious and reprogram what you choose to change.






130 - Extinguishing

Wouldn't it be terrific if those "trigger foods" would just disappear? With this CD, they will! Just listen to this CD once while thinking of a food you battle and it will be gone. NO deprivation, NO cravings. You will be able to re-introduce these foods back into your life later AND you'll have a different relationship with them.






140 - Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Dream: How to Get to Sleep and Stay
Asleep Using Hypnosis

What would you pay to sleep better?? It may be cheaper than you think!

New research shows that over 77% of Americans are sleep deprived AND sleep deprivation leads to overeating and obesity and often sleep deprivation is because of Menopause. All you have to do to start sleeping better immediately is play the CD each night as you fall asleep. You may choose to download the CD to your Ipod or get a pillow speaker (Radio Shack). The CD teaches your subconscious to relax your body completely as soon as you get into bed.
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"I began sleeping better the first night!"? Trish McGill, Seattle


CD: $27.00




150 - Recess: Having Fun Getting Fit

Remember when exercise was called going outside to play? You can now recapture that sense of fun with this CD. Just listen to it and allow yourself to recapture the energy of playing. Fitness and weight loss then become a by-product of that fun.
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"Not only am I in the best shape of my life, I think this CD is actually making me younger. I'm playing like a kid." John Sikes, Renton.