Now you can harness the power of your subconscious mind to make your weight loss easy.

Would you like to finally lose the weight you want for good? Can you see, imagine or even remember your ideal body? Well, let’s get creating it!

Would you like to easily make exercise an easy part of your life? Wouldn’t it be fun to actually want to eat healthy foods in quantities best for your health and smaller body?

Even if you got the wrong end of the genetic stick and losing weight has always been a struggle, this program will help you.

With the Living Lite Hypnosis Weight Loss Program, you will:

Be the size you want to be; you will buy off the rack; clothes will be comfortable and you will easily button your slacks and jeans.

Be able to ask for what you want and not “eat your feelings”.

Drive by the drive thru.

Enjoy healthy relationships with your body and food.

Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied and move on with the rest of your life.

Stop thinking of food and eating all the time.

Enjoy regular food: No packaged products, no weighing, no more obsessing.

When you see how easy it is to eat right and exercise regularly, you will be thrilled. AND at a price everyone can afford. Get started NOW by registering below.

About Paula Ziker:
Deeply passionate about inspiring others to realize their heartfelt dreams and goals, I weave my extensive training and experience into a unique style of hypnotherapy. 

Compassionate, heart centered and committed, I like to work with clients in ways that speak to their inner wisdom and life choices. Graduating with honors from the nationally accredited Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, California, I am certified in Therapeutic Imagery, NLP and Time Line Therapy and am a graduate of the University of Santa Monica in California.

"It is my joy and purpose to support my clients in realizing their full, authentic potential."

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Paula Ziker

Paula Ziker
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Living Lite Hypnosis Centers
Annapolis, MD
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